Fastball Express Inc.

Session #38 & #39 - A Bump in the Night

Ep gokl bump3

Random notes from other sites:

“Today I restarted the campaign with the group resleeved on Venus, with a vague recollection of having accepted a contract with the Morningstar Constellation. Memories of their recruitment had been erased for “security reasons”"

From Kai :

We played Bump in the Night, part 2. Successfully uncovered the truth behind the disappearances. Also got blown out of Parvati. But we were backed up and the morphs were just cheap rentals, so everything turned out OK.

After the mission we decided to set up a local office on Parvati. We built it right over the section that we got blown out of. Oh, the irony.


fellowhoodlum fellowhoodlum

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