Fastball Express Inc.

Session #41 - Blimps and Back Seat Driving

From Kai:

So. We check in on the latest news relevant to Fastball Express.

Diz has hijacked Jovian traffic control to clear an exit path for the old Fastball Special…which he took out of the elliptical and off into the far reaches of space. Taking with it a hundred kilograms of paper cranes. Somewhere, Cable asks Quill what we should do. She suggests launching Kay after the Fastball Special. “Fetch, boy, fetch!”

Quill, this is not going to end well. This is going to end in five years’ time when V’Ger Kay comes back to probe us all.

Also, the Jovians start planting atmospheric processors on major Jovian moons. Time to start terraforming.

Also, Mitsuba’s sister Hitoha starts extending her influence over the tech sector in the Planetary Consortium. And their uncle Miyazaki has risen to the Planetary Consortium council. The family is like the Tyrells…“Growing Strong.” Or is it “More Human Than Human” from Blade Runner?

The current version of Cable that we are looking at uses his Farley Flynn identity to look around the Venusian salvage market. It seems that two companies, Teddy Bear Roadside Picnic Company and Ladyboys Salvage have the market pretty well sewn up. Farley gets to know Dr Ross, a Venusian researcher who is familiar with the territory.

Gamera Securities gets a tip from the Pax Familae about the illegal farcasting of egos from Parvati to Cloud Nine – a loose end from the Bump in the Night investigation that started this whole campaign on Venus. A software company called Egonomix is involved. Time to dig deeper.

This seems like a good excuse for Gamera Securities to buy some new rides and cruise over to Cloud Nine to investigate and surveil the place. We spend a bunch of money.

Cable buys a new ride: an airship named SS Kakita Gamera, along with a false ID for it: SS Theon Greyjoy.

Ina gets a new ride: A Venusian flyer morph.

Danai gets a new ride: a ghostrider module and a puppet sock installed in INA’S HEAD.

Cue comedy as Danai/Ina visit Egonomix to pose as a potential business partner in an entertainment venture. The investigation (and hacking into Cloud Nine) is ongoing.


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