The Bishop of Dubai

Space Ninja


Little is publicly known about Bishop Six background. He comes from a family of original space colonist engineers and is fascinated by electronic devices and weapons. After leaving his home planet, Bishop makes a small name for himself as a covert ops specialist, dealing with infiltration, spying and at times, assassination.

Bishop has been operating solo as far as he can remember, but recently he felt some unfriendly parties are close to catching up on him. So he decided to change his modus operandi for the time being to throw them off guard and work with a team of muscle for hire (the PCs).
He embrace an ascetic lifestyle for his own personal growth. He cares nothing of the greed and anarchy happening in the inner system as long as he gets paid for his jobs. Like other ultimates, Bishop always strive to learn and increase his own capabilities to the next level.

The Bishop of Dubai

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