The Swarm Master and not-Wolverine


“Kay” is a very strange and eccentric intelligence that inhabits a flexbot synthmorph that resembles a large dog, but due to the morph’s asymmetrical nature Kay never takes the same shape twice.

Although Kay sometimes doesn’t mind fiddling around in other morphs, it prefers flexbots and it’s personal flexbot morph is a highly customized close combat killing machine with six pneumatic limbs and an array of specialized hives for nano warfare. Four of those six limbs sport retractable cyberclaws which Kay wields with deadly precision.

As a member of the Fastball Express, Kay provides “security and protection” services for the rest of the members. Kay can also function as the team’s backup hacker and tail, when needed to shadow a particular individual. Finally, Kay is able to provide backup and support equipment using a portable fabber when required.

When off duty, Kay likes to explore the innards of the team’s space craft (often depositing scout, taggant and fixer nanos indiscriminately) or just spends time farming in simulspace games.

Quotes: “Can we kill it yet?”
Muse : Bill


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