Mitsuba Hiroshii

The devilish maycare sexually deviated business lady with a knack for eating snacks.


Mitsuba Hiroshii comes from a proud and powerful famous family of the insidious Night Cartels. And those were her positive traits.

Mitsuba, Or Mitsuba-sama as she prefers to be called, has frequently won the Upperclass Bitch of the year award, garnering it frequently among those she meets. She is vain, bitchy, whiny, over-confident, and greedy. She has also been assigned the labels of glutton, hedonist, porn collector extraordanaire, and over all Queen Bitch who’s shrill whining could have frightened away the mighty Titans themselves.

She is one of Three triplets – One of whom is a violent yet optimistic combat specialist, and the other who is a moody hacker/spammer, who wants to cover the mesh with her vision of ‘The New Goth ’Verse’. Like her sisters, she is constantly active and on the mood – when she’s not being lazy, which means she’s constantly active 10% of the time. She spends more money on food in a month, then some do in a year…and no one knows where it goes to.

Of interest, Mitsuba has a tremendous fear of snakes for reasons she can’t remember. She also is against being re-sleeved. She doesn’t like the idea of being transported to another body (not unlike some of her father’s cronies) and has made up no back up copies of her consciousness yet, though she does have the cortical stack for it. Her one mission in life is to find her mother and find out why she left her…it may be that the one person Mitsuba loves more than herself is her mother. (Shocking isn’t it?) She loves her sisters of course, but it’s a long distance love – that is, if they keep away from her, she still loves them.

Mitsuba was born into a major family of the Night Cartel, her father being very influential in his circles and handle with a bottle of listerine and a rusty screwdriver (You don’t want to know the details) She grew up being coddled by both Dad and Mommy, and then suddenly something happened. A whole section of her memory is gone….but so was her Mom. Mitsuba vowed to find out the truth her father wouldn’t tell her.

Having personally offended every mass murderer and drug pusher her father had ties with, and because she wouldn’t stop asking questions, Mitsuba was sent off on a long extended vacation…anywhere but home, to keep her out of trouble. However, she has only found more of it when she met up with Fast Ball express. Helping them out on a few missions and working with them for mutually financially beneficial projects, Mitsuba has proven herself to be squishy ….um…useful….Yes..that’s what we meant.

Quotes: “Oh for God’s sakes…how long are we going to be stuck here? Isn’t there anything to eat? I mean it’s soooooo boring…I want some porn….I want some potato chips. Hey! Watch where you’re pointing that laser gun!”


Mitsuba Hiroshii

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