Sierra Momiji

The lethal catwoman burglar with a penchant for stealing on behalf of the Lord. Where ever there's violence and mayhem in the universe, you can be sure she likely had a hand in it.


Age: 25

Hair: Long black

Eyes: coal black

Quote: “Lord, please forgive me for the tricks up my sleeves!”


Sierra Momiji came from a very respected family in a small community on the Moon colonies. She kept mostly to herself except at the weekly church events. It could not be said she had an unhappy childhood, but she became very taken by ‘the calling.’ It is not known exactly when this calling occurred, or if there was a certain event that spurred it on, but at some point in her young life Sierra, she heard the call of the Lord and promised her life to it.

That should have been that, as she simply intended to become a nun.

However, as she became a teenager, and then a young adult, she – like many others – began to try spread ‘the good word’ throughout the greater netiverse – and was highly disappointed with what she found. Having been rather sheltered in her small community, it had not occurred to her that so many people would or could even not believe in God. To her, this was not possible. Even more shocking was that people thought the whole idea of religion was a joke.

Sierra, who had grew up in this sheltered environment just COULDN’T accept the insults, the mockeries….She got angry, furious….flaming groups right, left and centre, getting banned from places all over for her ravings and rantings. However, the last straw was when she heard about famous Earth religious artifacts being stolen for mere profit. Didn’t these heretics know enough to leave well enough alone? Enough was enough….

The calling came again…this time….She knew…she would have to become the night…become a thief…..a cat…to stop the rapid disintegration of her master’s beautiful creation and his reputation. She trained herself, and got herself a body morph and bought more training…and made herself the ultimate thief and fighting machines.

She’s here…she’s loud…and she’s got pamphlets with odious contents. People be ware.

Sierra Momiji

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