Tomoe Mami

The All Seeing Mami



Mami is a very attractive young lady with long flowing hair in curls. She also has very beautiful blue eyes that sparkle almost all the time, as if there was always some mischievous thought going on in her head. However, there’s also a look of refinement and calm about her face and her poise. She always seems relaxed and rarely allows a troubled look to cross her brow. She spends much time making sure she looks lovely and respectable, which is rather intriguing since she’s blind.

Mami, despite her disability, is in good physical shape, perhaps due to her having her electronic eyes helping her to do things. She wears very upper class clothes, which are kept in good shape by her own hard work… she spends much time making sure all the lace and trim is maintained crisp and clean. Her favourite colours for dresses tend to be white and green…almost like the colours of spring, with some pink thrown in.


Mami is the epitome of calm. When she gets upset, she simply goes quiet. However, she’s never that loud to begin with, so it can be hard to tell how she’s feeling. And yet, she does like to smile a lot and always treats people with politeness and kindness, preferring to be seen as motherly type, rather than a child who needs protecting.

Mami also has an effection for treating her bots as living things. Her smaller bots she treats like pets, often stroking and petting them and speaking kind words to them, as if they were living beings, before driving them off to work. She speaks to her maids as if they were real maids, and maybe even sisters…. All of this is despite the fact that they don’t have their own AI’s, she controls them….which might point at some intensive loneliness Mami feels in this very populated universe. However, she struggles to never show her loneliness….knowing others would see that as a weakness.


Mami came from a fairly wealthy family on the Mars colony. As a baby, she had sight, but it rapidly deteriorated as she went into her toddler and then pre-school years. By the age of 4, she could no longer see at all. There was corrective surgery of course, but for reasons unknown the parents didn’t take her for that, and Mami grew up with no sight.

However, in the modern age, that meant nothing. Her parents bought her some robotic pets, which could feed their visual images into her head, and Mami soon felt she could see much better through these than through her own limited human eyes, even if they were repaired. She got used to seeing everything through a secondary perception. Chances are, she wouldn’t even know how to perceive things from a first person perspective only anymore.

Whatever it was, Mami soon found she developed an affinity for bots and machines. As a young girl who spent a bit of time alone when her parents went away on trips, she would often hold tea parties comprised of her and her own robots. Other people often became leery of her affection for these bots, and began to think she was mentally disturbed. Naturally, this isn’t the case, but it has caused some people to steer away from socialising with the young Maiden.

She became an expert on droid and bot repairs…and the forums that discuss such things know Mami’s name all too well…and there she has a great deal of respect, without a doubt. “The All Seeing Mami” is considered one of the ‘go to’ people if you need your precious droid repaired quickly and safely.

However, after a while, even this became monotonous, and she also received messages from her parents saying. “MAKE SOME FRIENDS!!!” She also realized if she wanted to keep upgrading her bots, she needed a more steady source of income. So she joined up with a company called FastBall express, who all seem like a very nice sort of people….so far. She has done one job with them successfully and can see how experienced they all are…although they are certainly a motley crew. But then, that just endears Mami to them more.

However, the recent betrothal and ahem taped wedding night to Panos Erhart has affected her greatly. She agreed to do this as she knew it would help with the job, however, Mami had been a virgin til that date. Certainly she was no stranger to the various explicit material on the wires, but she had always avoided such, eschewing to her own private life. She considers herself fully a wife of Panos, and hopes that he/she/? will feel the same…. Whether Panos will or not, is up to the future. :)

Tomoe Mami

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