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Session #35 - Honeymoon Eggs-press

Report Pending

Songs for our campaign

Cherry Heart – The Mummers

Deeper Conversation – Yuna

I Ran – A Flock of Seagulls

Michelangelo – Emmylou Harris

More Human than Human – White Zombie

Newtype – Unreal

Planetary (Go!) – My Chemical Romance

Rocket Man – Elton John

Shooting Star – Bob Dylan

Spaceman – The Killers

Spiraling Shape – They Might Be Giants

Starlight – Muse

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

The Final Countdown – Europe

Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who

X-Men TV Theme

Space Dog – Tori Amos

Session #33 - Operation Free Willy Part Four: Space Assholes

In 2125 I was on a mining colony on Mars
Just a quiet backwater facility among the stars
And then one day I was minding my own business
I was mining my own ore
And there he was
Space Asshole, in a truck flying off a ridge
Space Asshole, smashing through a bridge
And as he landed out came his hammer, smashed my boss right in the
Space Asshole, planting charges left and right
Space Asshole, all he does is annihilate and fight
I didn’t sign up for this, I just wanted to get away somewhere remote
Just a place where I could earn myself a day’s pay without being smote
But every time I think I’m safe
Every time I think it’s calm
I am wrong
Space Asshole, hammer swinging, buildings falling down
Space Asshole, laying waste to this entire town
All the rest are dead, Space Asshole has prevailed
Only I am left alive to tell the tale
Of Space Asshole, comes out of nowhere to destroy
Space Asshole, wanton carnage is all he can enjoy
Space Asshole, in a truck flying off a ridge
Space Asshole, smashing through a bridge
Space Asshole
Space Asshole
Space Asshole
He’s the Space Asshole

Session #30 - Operation Free Willy Part One - Johnny Mnemonic

Report by Kai.

After the dramatic attack of the forks, who broke their originals out
of virtual imprisonment, the repatriation step did not go quite as
smoothly as planned. Some of the forks, like Quill‘s and Kay’s, were
definitely targeted for export to Saturn. But Cable-Alpha (aka Stryfe,
aka Dark Frodo, aka Shermy) wasn’t going so easily, and neither was
Cable Prime.

While the rest of the team engaged in a new round of shopping and re-
arming, most notably gaining skillware, seeker missiles and some more
upgrades for Kay’s synthetic body, Cable-Alpha farcast to Extropia to
enlist the help of Kaos Crusher in his plan to break Batakuout of
Prosperity’s Black Lagoon facility. His pitch was enough to get Kaos
interested. Kaos linked Cable up with the Barsoomian Liberation Army
(BLA) – if the Fastball Express could do them a favour, they might do
a favour back.

This is the way mercenary jobs get arranged on Extropia: You meet with
Mr Sharif of the BLA in a virtual room, and he tells you about the
job, which involves collecting and escorting an orbitally inserted
shipment from the BLA’s secret sponsors in the Lunar-LaGrange Alliance.
Then Gibral Isa of the Sisters of Blood and Fire, a mercenary escrow agency, shows up to get both parties’ agreement recorded.

Then in another separate virtual room, you meet Narayan Singh of the
LLA (same guy who was managing the ice asteroid hijacking operation in
Callisto space). The rendezvous is arranged: A courier from the LLA
named Keanu will be orbitally dropped into a remote location in a
Martian crater valley, and Fastball Express operatives will pick him
up. Again, Gibral Isa is there to keep everyone honest.

Then you log out and beam back home, get your memories played back for
Cable-Alpha, and then you, Cable-Alpha-Beta, get summarily deleted.
The End.

Wait, there’s more?

Oh yeah, so the team, consisting of Cable, Cable-Alpha, Kay, Quill and
Ina, venture out into the Martian wilderlands in an enclosed buggy.
The Cables reason that this LLA agent of chaos might not be in any
shape to ride on a Mars scooter when they find him. Always good to
have a vehicle you can lie down to sleep in.

Expected hazards? The usual dangers: the solar wind, dust, terrain
hazards, bandits, neo-baboons, roving psychic hiveminds, rogue machine
intelligences (you know, apart from Kay), Cable Entity, spirals and
other TITAN remnants. Just the usual encounters to be expected as we
assist the heroic Barsoomians in their efforts to stall [[Planetary Consortium | Planetary
Consortium]] development of their planet. Let’s just hope we don’t kill
more heroic Barsoomians in the process, like that one time, Kay.

The landing site had puke and footprints in the dust – and no sign of
Keanu. After some Smart Dust application and tracking, we figured he’d
been taken by a marshall and neo-baboons to the nearby settlement, a
little farm/terraforming site called New Pyongyang (don’t blame Ivan,
it was my idea). Kay and Ina slipped out of the truck, went invisible
and prepared to strike if anything went wrong. Quill and Cable-Alpha
went right into town to talk to the marshalls and find out if they’d
picked up any strangers in the wilderness lately. As it happened,
there was a John Doe in custody. Quill used her talents to convince
them that this was her rightful ego hunter bounty, and they let Keanu
go, just like that, fighting averted.

We drove off with Keanu still feeling woozy: “Whoa. I should have
taken the blue pill.” A careful examination and scan revealed that he
had multiple sets of redundant organs in weird places. Kind of
like…an Ultimate? Dun dun dun…

To be Continued…

Session #29 - Escape from Davy Jones' Locker

Orca attack!

Now in Valley Speak, by Razman a.k.a., Rob Thomas

So in last Sunday’s session of Eclipse Phase the Fastball Express had to rescue their original selves from the clutches of the evil? Prosperity Group ppl who are a buncha pharma and agricultural guys (Yeah like WTF right?). Aside from that they also recruit a Killer Whale into the party whoop-de-doo! Lastly the Fastball express seems to have doubled in staff members, yeah read on to find out how!

Anyways, after waking up in a sleeving clinic in Noctis owned by the night cartel, the members of the fastball express find themselves, albeit previous versions of themselves (Just think of it as loading a older save file) in lame ass ruster and worker pod bodies scarce of the usual high tech gadgetry our boys are used to. They then find out their original bodies/egos were taken to some abandoned mine complex on Mars owned by the Prosperity Group who are a bunch of pharma and agricultural guys. So the party then sets out on a rustbucket escape pod swirling around the orbit of Mars to retrieve uh, themselves.

After a nice happy landing well most of them anyway they trudge along WALKING! on the surface of mars toward said abandoned mine. Upon reaching the site to their horror they find cloaked spider-guns hanging about the supposed abandoned mine. Sneaking their way through they find a ventilation duct that leads them to an Underwater cave (Wait, water on mars?).

Swimming through murky waters they then find a monstrous shape swimming about in the depths but unable to stealth past the monster Ina gets grabbed by what seems to be a cetacean morph (Killer whale for those who don’t talk geek). Addressing itself as the security officer at this complex it demands the others to show themselves and upon doing so William Cable does the unthinkable… He reveals his true ego and states his true purpose for being here and through some inspired empathy checks senses a lost soul in Bataku, the Killer Whale security guard. William convinces Bataku to join Fastball Express and vows to free him from his evil employers who left him here to rot in some pocket of water far below the surface of Mars. Agreeing to this Bataku goes off to do some recon for 4 hours allowing the party to safely navigate the complex and find their lost egos/bodies but unable to find a proper transport to carry their new friend Bataku are forced to leave him there at least for time being.

Successful in their mission and safely back on their ship the party is now confronted with a difficult decision, what to do with their backup copies? Merge or live as 2 separate entities? Rob Thomas weirded out by seeing his doppelganger immediately opts to merge the 2 consciousness, Quill being familiar with split personalities wants to co-exist with her double but sends the copy to Titan to assist with missions there, William Cable unable to bear the burden of seeing another Cable surprisingly opts to send his copy to Titan also, Kay delighted find another Kay to help him take over the world or something decides to keep his copy as well for some unknown ends, Finally Ina opts to off one of his copies.

So, will the party get to free Bataku? What is their next move? Kay wants to wage war against himself to prove who is the better Kay? LOL whut? Find out next time in another edition of Fastball Express Inc.!

Session #28 - Death by Monkeys

A lot of weird stuff happened but could not top the highlight event:
Pursuit of Rob Thomas, Quill and Kay by a pack of police baboons (a.k.a, 12 Monkeys) to the tune of Yakety Sax.

Session #27: Five Haikus

Mara clocking out,
A sheathed weapon stands in line
Awaits the idol.

Scandal? Rep rises!
Venus’ follower legions
Await next RedTweet.

Crazy hobo dog
In a radioactive box
Awaits the mission.

Theodore Daycare,
Falling prey to mission creep,
Awaits many Quills.

Crane girl wars within,
(Lost family must be one!)
Awaits potato.
“Awaiting Heike,” William Cable, Jr, AF 11

We still do not have a clear picture of what occured inside New Dazhai. What we do know is that Quill, Ina and Cable infiltrated the city to take up employment within the Prosperity and Fa Jing corporate facilities. Meanwhile, the Kaspersky Entity somehow managed to penetrate corporate quarantine and ensconced itself in a radioactive storage garage in the industrial sector to await further orders. At the same time, the media idol Mysha Musa began her tour of New DaZhai with a seismic impact that shook the corporate enclave to the core…

The events of the next two days would easily have been the coda to most Fastball Express operations up to that point: Crazed fan stampedes, a “Honey Trap” operation designed to extract target data from a hapless Prosperity executive, and sexual assault accusations intended to destabilize Prosperity – all aimed at paving the way for a swift and stealthy break-in at CEO Chow’s office by an operative that could only have been the Kaspersky Entity. Despite her relatively new association with Fastball Express, Mysha appeared to have taken a central role in the “Honey Trap” and other diversion operations. It was a promising start for Mysha in FBEX.

As for the office theft, it is unclear what, if anything, was stolen. Our research turned up mentions of a “super-tuber” sample that may have been the heart of a stealth project in Prosperity at the time, but it is extremely doubtful that the dreaded retrieval agency would have been sent into New DaZhai just to steal a mere potato.

What we do know is that most of the Fastball Express team then departed from New DaZhai, following the break-in, apparently without immediate incident. Yet William Cable remained in place at Prosperity in the guise of a daycare assistant, where he began his surveillance of the child Heike Turov and her mother Nicole Yang-Turov [see: Quill]. Based on the startling events that would follow, and the evidence that has gradually surfaced over the years that followed, it is clear now that the entire infiltration of New DaZhai was actually a cunning plan aimed at Cognite’s Asynch program all along…

- “Record of Fastball Wars, Volume XXVII published by the Second Foundation

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