Fastball Express Inc.

Eclipse Phase #5 - Accounting for Warbot

Kai’s Notes:
After the rather hectic theft of the Sistine Chapel ceiling at Shackleton Crater on Luna, the Fastball Express headed back to Martian Trojans space in order to deliver their cargo. Hokusai spacewalked, admired the Chapel sections strapped on the outside of the ship, and did some painting of his own. Billy learned medicine in a crash virtual course. Kay downloaded specs for new armor mods for the others. Quill made cranes in her lifeboat.

But someone sent a ship in hot pursuit.

In retrospect, Billy Cable thought, there are only two kinds of space chases, if they don’t want to outright kill you. Either they can outthrust your ship and can evade your weapons, in which case there’s a boarding action, or they can’t in which case it’s short and boring.

It was not short and boring.

The pursuing ship sent a boarding pod on the tip of a chem rocket to ram into us. We accidentally popped off a lifeboat while trying to weaponize it, and watched it get blown apart by a missile launched by our pursuers. Despite Bishop, Kay and Hokusai’s attempts to intercept the pod with the Eagle Lander, we got hit in the cargo bay and boarded by a big bad warbot.

Our team had to throw everything they had at it to stop it. Once again, Bishop got shot up badly enough to wish he had medichines installed.

We had the Fastball Express depressurized before the fight so that everyone was in pressure suits…except our resident headcase Quill, who was in her lifeboat. When the warbot seemed to be winning, Billy blew the door on the lifeboat, depressurizing it and filling the main cargo bay with paper cranes in a failed attempt to blind warbot. But after the cranes blew in, they got sucked back out of the cargo bay almost immediately. So that was a spectacular fail.

Nevertheless our team managed to throw enough firepower at warbot to bring it down. We checked it with smart dust and Kay broke it down for consumption, and there was no further pursuit. Billy stabilized the wounded Bishop. Kay regenerated from damage pretty quick. Quill probably survived too. :)

And the Fastball Express team was able to make it to their rendezvous with the Martian Church reps at the Trojans.

In the aftermath, team members had neurachem installed and Verlian made plans with Billy to leverage their newfound “rogue hypercorp” status by trying to make secret contacts with various Martian hypercorps to take on black ops jobs.

And within the shot-up interior of the Fastball Special, the paper cranes continued to float around randomly in Brownian motion…

GM’s Notes:
Quill: “If I make one million cranes, I will get a wish granted!
999,997… 999,998…”

Cable: “Million Crane Striking Prana!”



Kay : “…”

Verlian : “…”

Hokusai : “…”

Bishop : <dies>

Cable : “…”

Warbot : <dakkadakkadakkadakka>

Eclipse Phase #3 - The First Michelangelo Job

GM Notes:
“My mother bore me in the southern wild,
And I am black, but oh my soul is white!
White as an angel is the English child,
But I am black, as if bereaved of light. "

This session is just a little art heist job on the moon.

Indestructible space dogs!

Betsy Braddock seduction via MIND BLAST.

Moon marathons.

Eagle transporters!

Lots more wrongness.

Adrian, I think you should change your PC’s Background to Uplift or Infolife at the rate you’re going…

Kai’s Notes:
Kay cratered, but didn’t die. Good Lordy.

Billy Cable nearly almost got used as a roll-on sex drug applicator. I wish.

And Quill aka “Quellcrist” might as well go solo, she might do better without us cramping her style. Maybe she can carry the paintings out herself. They’re lighter on the Moon, and she could use the workout.

Eclipse Phase #2 - Erotic Adventures

A small simple capture escaped convicts mission for Kay, Quill and
Bill Jr.

Copypasta from Kai’s post:

“Until cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses without men, and the land is utterly desolate…”

Yesterday Dawn, Adrian and I foiled a prison break from the Tartarus mining colony, finding that my character’s mad criminal genius father William Sr had taken over the Tartarus mass driver and launched multiple capsules out to various locations. We found the anarchist drug farm on 433 Eros had been infiltrated by escaped convicts, and after a harrowing space journey in which Dawn’s character nearly drove mine mad with petting and pickpocketing, we got to work. The local law enforcement on Eros seemed suspicious, so Adrian got to sneaking around access tunnels and air ducts, I got to hacking local networks, and Dawn got to falling down elevator shafts at terminal velocity and hitting the bottom rather hard. Between us we managed to uncover the convict infiltration and put an end to it, although William Sr remains at large…

Eclipse Phase #1 - Face/Off

We had a simple introductory session where the Fastball Express crew rescued the director of the Martian Geological Society from the cultists of the Church of Cydonia.


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