Fastball Express Inc.

Session #49 - Don't be Koi with me, Cable

Everything was fine again.

Gamera Securities had gotten away with consorting with terrorists, criminal conspiracy, a daring bodyjacking and much more. Best of all, thought Cable as he lounged by a viewport of the Aviary, the terrorists had failed to harm the airborne ecology project!

Then the flying rays and blimps of the Aviary started crashing right before his eyes.

The Aviary was sick. Alarms blared and the Aviary staff started closing all viewing ports and shutting down the place on account of the emergency.

Within minutes, Cable, DANAI and Ina were being ushered into Kage’s office. Their employer was not pleased. Our protagonists discovered that all their mesh links to the outside world had been shut down. The imposing security czar paced back and forth in front of his infamous koi tank.

It was said that others who had displeased Kage Musha over the years had been dealt with harshly. A fate worse than death or being put on ice. No, his worst foes were resleeved into koi. So that he could watch them swim in the confines of the tank and feed them at his leisure.

As he questioned them about their dubious activities over the past few days, activities which Cable had neglected to mention, he somehow subtly drew their attention again and again to the koi in the tank. No more need be said.

Cable admitted at last that they had in fact been involved in some covert counter-terror intelligence gathering. That they had a few leads on the Free Fall Network (FFN) that perhaps they could share with Kage. Perhaps he’d been remiss in keeping Kage up to date on things like the FFN contacts he’d made, or the suspected FFN infiltrator in the Aphrodite Prime cybersecurity staff.

Really? Kage was most interested. He dismissed the others and continued to question Cable alone. Perhaps gauging his suitability as a koi candidate.

Cable spun a quick one with his usual arrogance and recklessness. He explained all about his encounters with Saladin Pelita after having successfully posed as a terrorist mastermind. He explained that he’d convinced Saladin Pelita that he was able to sabotage the Solid Ground Initiative, and then by total coincidence the Marquis had fudged his own public appearance at Aphrodite Prime and ruined his exhibition. The serendipitous incident enabled Cable to pose as a criminal mastermind! Really, he didn’t know how he could have been luckier.

After this amicable (well, not really) exchange of information, Cable learned from Kage that based on his recordings of Saladin Pelita, the individual in question resembled the sleeve of Julius Robari, heir to a space engineering fortune. Baron Robari was the head of Soletta Corp, a space sunshade and space engineering company widely known to be a Fa Jing front. Why Robari would want to sabotage potentially lucrative terraforming projects, nobody knew. But Kage would keep an eye out. Kage was also most interested in the information that the FFN had started as a skydiving club. The chain of links in the conspiracy grew more and more intriguing.

In the meantime, Cable’s group would keep an eye on Shelby Cobra, with the possibility of reeling him in for questioning if his activities got too alarming.

And they would…


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