Hokusai Tarnungshaut

Space Cephalopod and Artist-on-the-run


Hokusai Tarnungshaut is an uplifted octopus who somehow became an artist in the solar system, painting with water colours, acrylics and oils. He is also interested in gardening of live plants as well as the cultivation of bonsai plants.


5 years ago after many years of attempt, Hokusai struck big with the Socialites in a big gallery show of his work. Only 3 paintings were sold, which earned him f-cred as well as some credits. However, he invested in some companies which eventually turned out to be a major Nine Lives soul trafficking front. He tried to pull out, but a Nine Lives majordomo named Sally Slick took all his money and vowed to kill him and acquire his cortical stack as a trophy. In one night, Slick’s enforcers killed the uplift biotech engineer who uplifted Hokusai, his manager, three bodyguards and one groupie. Although he escaped, all of his paintings were burned by the Nine Lives enforcers. Some paintings were said to have survived and are in the possession of Slick.

Hokusai, broke and on the run, drifts from station to ship to station in an attempt to stay alive. He usually accepts low-key gardening jobs wherever he goes. Despite being ostracized by most people he knew before, once in a while fans of his artwork manage to recognize him and give him some help. He began to develop martial skills, evading hitmen and bounty hunters. He dream of one day taking his rightful place among the artists of the solar system.

Then one fateful day, he crossed paths with a group of interesting individuals, and things got both safer and bloody really quick.

Hokusai was currently inhabiting a worker pod morph after his 10 year old octomorph body exploded all over the street. He presently looks like a life-sized Ken doll, which is to say he’s practically a human with no genitals. Discovering the horrors of being a bipedal vertebrate mammal without an ink sac, he had compensated by buying a sex toy filled with ink (compensating for lack of an ink sac, not the lack of genitals).

Hokusai had recently farcasted into a slitheroid body aboard Gerlach habitat off Venus. He is currently working undercover with members of Fastball Express in a new hypercorp called Gamera Security, using the Heinrich Plissken cover ID in the Aphrodite Prime aerostat.

He has also created a mesh art community named Obloquy, using the cover ID Pickman Algol to create and upload “socially and politically controversial” art pieces to stir dirt up, using it to generate discussion for him to harvest intelligence from the information.

Muse: Heather 6000

Secondary Mesh IDs
Chitundu Pfefferberg: Jewish Somalian mohel. Location: Mars. Status: BURNED after Caesar’s Palace reconnaissance job at the Valley of the Apes.
Heinrich Ausfahrt Plissken: German slitheroid with Gamera Security. Location: Aphrodite Prime, Venus. Status: ACTIVE.

Last Reported Activity: Click here to find out.

Hokusai Tarnungshaut

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