William "Billy" Cable, Jr

Amnesiac Boy-Morph Detective


Good Will Cable’s youth in Tehachapi, California was profoundly influenced by his single-parent father, William Sr, an infowar veteran with severe anti-establishment paranoia and a propensity for sudden and ruthless acts of violence. William Sr taught him to trust only in himself, to to improve his skills, to harden his body, and to become a Number One Man. When his father, partly under the influence of aggression drugs, slaughtered a crowd of innocents at a local veteran’s hospital with hand grenades, William Jr found himself burdened with the infamy of being the son of the Tehachapi Grenade Killer.

He grew up to become an infowar hacker with severe anti-establishment paranoia and a propensity for sudden and ruthless acts of violence under the influence of aggression drugs, swearing never to be anything like his rotten father. Just before the Fall he began a dalliance with the anarchist and scum movements, and after being evacuated from Earth he plunged headlong into scum society, living on various barges and outposts as he built a living as a private investigator/hacker and occasional open source advocate. His contacts in corporate, anarchist, celebrity and criminal circles come in handy in his line of work, and while he isn’t the mad genius hacker his father was, he manages.

He now serves on the Fastball Express Steering Committee, and has been a part of operations on Luna, Mars, Europa and Callisto, among other places. While investigating Prosperity’s Asynch cloning experiments in New Dazhai, Cable was imprisoned. After being freed by his fork, Cable-Alpha, Cable discovered that much of his past may be a lie. And there are many Cables. And they have a plan (maybe).

In his current incarnation, he has memories of a childhood in the Florida Dust Pan with his father and mother.

Cable helped Cable-Alpha with a debt of honour to the neo-orca Bataku, freeing the uplift from Black Lagoon, then sent Cable-Alpha off to Titan. At some point he was building up operations in Valles-New Shanghai, wearing a new pleasure pod body. Now, he is developing Gamera Security, a front company for Fastball Express, on Gerlach Station, Venus.

Sleeves: Currently, a neotenic pleasure pod. Previously, a handsome male pleasure pod, a neotenic boy and a Ken Doll worker pod.

Mesh IDs: Lance Cord, professional escort/social media consultant (wearing pleasure pod). Farley Flynn, security consultant (wearing neotenic or worker pod). Brandon Leigh, Gamera Security consultant.

Muse: Ted, terrorist expert and Cable impersonator.

William "Billy" Cable, Jr

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