Fastball Express Inc.

Session #43 - Ambelina, Ambelina,

Cloud Diving, Art Shows and Unscheduled Psychosurgery

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There was much extravehicular activity on Venus in this episode.

It began as Kage’s assault pods closed in on Cloud Nine to raid the Egonomix facility. Ina needed a quick way out, so she popped a door to the outside and opened her wings. Fortunately, one flyer morph is small enough to escape attention, and Ina managed to bring herself and Danai back to the team’s airship without incident.

The Gamera team decided to leave Kage Musha to mop things up. As a nice side benefit, the team managed to score some valuable loot – Kage let them have a cornucopia machine. One that would be most useful with those armament plans.

With a successful mission under the team’s belt, it was time for some downtime.

Ina decided to rid herself of these annoying personality quirks, and Danai happened to have taking some psychosurgery skill training. Poking around in Ina’s head, Danai soon found that there was some plumbing work needed, and got to work.

Meanwhile, Cable decided to get to know Gretchen Ambelina a bit better. They made an appointment to meet at New Aphrodite for a meal and perhaps some other social activities.

An hour later, Cable was hurtling through the clouds in a diving suit.

Risking one’s life in cloud-diving adventures was Gretchen’s idea of a good time. The two skydivers hurtled down through cloud after cloud, getting dangerously close to the next layers of Venus’ high-pressure atmosphere. Cable had programmed his muse Ted to automatically pull the ripcord if he blacked out, and it seemed dangerously close to happening. Finally, he popped his ’chute and ended his fall, to be recovered by an aerial vehicle and returned to the top of the cloud diving range…for another go.

“Shall we go deeper this time?” asked Gretchen. Cable could not say no.

The second time around, the plummet was even more intense, and Cable found himself slipping in and out of consciousness, the inside of his suit one gigantic puddle of fluid fear.

He couldn’t remember much of the experience, but afterwards, filled with a mix of exhilaration, fear and passion, he’d never felt so alive or so in love. He gladly promised to help Gretchen humiliate an enemy of hers, Marquis Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, a supporter of the terraforming movement who was planning an exhibition of his prized Factor art.

Her words after the daredevil cloud-diving jumps still echoed in his ears: “Were you backed up?” He said yes. “Shame. It’s more fun when you’re not.”


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